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50 years of experience

For more than 50 years, ABC Sailing School and Boating School have arranged sailing courses in Sweden and internationally. Several thousand students of all ages and with varying prior knowledge have learned to sail with ABC. ABC offers the following sailing courses.

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Pedagogical practice and theory

ABC strives to have young and enthusiastic instructors with a positive attitude and good educational pedagogy. The majority of our instructors are academics, several work as teachers in primary and secondary schools.

The school boats are robust keelboats with a simple standard and comfort as well as stable sailing dinghies of the Fabola Pokus model. It must be allowed on the course to make mistakes. Experiencing the consequence of a maneuvering mistake and then repeatedly practicing and doing it right increases the understanding and strengthens the self-confidence of the course participants. For information on the different education levels (Steps) see Course content.

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Yachtman´s Diploma 1 (Seglarintyg Steg 1)

Handling a small sailing craft in sheltered waters in good weather conditions.

Yachtman´s Diploma 3 (Seglarintyg Steg 3)

Handling a large cruising yacht under power and under sail in sheltered or open waters in variable weather conditions.      

Yachtman´s Diploma 2 (Seglarintyg Steg 2)

Handling a yacht under power and under sail in sheltered waters in variable weather conditions.

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