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Booking conditions

ATTENTION! Registration via the booking form on the website as well as registration by phone is binding.

When you make a registration (click on "sign up") on the website where all course dates are listed, you will receive confirmation directly on your computer screen that you have booked a place. Save this message. If there was no place, you will be notified of this immediately on your computer with "the course is fully booked, choose another course opportunity".

In the confirmation you receive directly when you register on ABC's website, you will find all the important information you need, incl. information on registration fees, account number. A detailed description of the course, content, course times can be found on ABC's website under each course. In the case of complicated registrations (e.g. private courses), the registration can also be confirmed via email after a few days.

If you wish to have ABC's cancellation protection, read further down on this page (Tip! check what protection you have through your own home insurance in the event that you become ill and cannot participate in your paid course)

Course Fee

  • When you register, you pay on the same day first part of the course fee called "Registration fee" (the registration fee is part of the course fee)  to BANKGIRO 734 - 7164- or POSTGIRO 55 00 09 - 5   on the same day you make your registration/booking. ENTER NAME, COURSE AND DATE as message. If you want ABC's repayment protection, you must pay this fee (SEK 550) at the same time as the first part of the course fee ("registration fee"). State in the message that you paid SEK 550 for cancellation protection. (Conditions for cancellation protection,  read further down this page.
  • The remaining course fee (= course fee minus the "Registration fee") is paid no later than one week before the start of the course to the bank or postal giro indicated above (please note! The "registration fee" is part of the course fee). ENTER NAME, COURSE AND DATE as a message.
  • As an alternative, the entire course fee (including the registration fee) can of course be paid directly at the time of registration. The course fee (excluding the registration fee, which is paid directly upon registration) can also be paid on-site before the start of the course. Please note that we do not accept card payments.
  • ABC reserves the right to cancel/cancel courses if the number of courses participants is too low against a full refund.

Registration fee

The first part you must pay for the course fee is called the "Registration fee". It is in different amounts depending on the course type.

Payment Information

Course fees are paid via bank or postal giro:

• BANKGIRO 734 – 7164
• POSTGIRO 55 00 09 – 5


Course Fees

CourseRegistration fee
Sailing Course Adults and Adolescence (Day Course)SEK 3,000
Sailing Course Adults and Adolescence (Overnight Stay)SEK 4,000
Sailing Courses ChildrenSEK 2,500
Motorboat coursesSEK 2,000
Navigation Courses (Inshore Yachtmaster Diploma "Förarintyg" and Coastal Yachtmaster Diploma "Kustskepparintyg")SEK 1,850
Charter, Events & Overseas Sailings50% of the quoted price

All course fees include an expedition fee of SEK 800. VAT is included in all prices.

Price for examination and certificate.

NFB (Board for boating education) is the main authority for the certificate book we have in Sweden and which works well as a certificate document abroad when you e.g. rent a boat. To obtain a certificate, you must write and pass a theoretical test and, for some certificates, also demonstrate practical knowledge. Upon approval, a seal is obtained in the certificate book which is stamped and signed by the interrogator at the time of the test. The certificate book itself covers all the different certificates that can be taken in Sweden. The certificate book has a description of the certificates in four languages. It makes it easier when you use the certificate book worldwide.

The NFB has decided the following examination fees for the certificates below until further notice (see below):

The fee for a certificate card is SEK 150 and the fee for the app is SEK 75. The fee for old certificate books that need to be updated is SEK 500.

The examination fee is paid at the time of the examination.

CertificateExamination fee
Yachtman´s Diploma 1 (Seglarintyg Steg 1)SEK 350
Yachtman´s Diploma 2 (Seglarintyg Steg 2)SEK 350
Yachtman´s Diploma 3 (Seglarintyg Steg 3)SEK 350
Inshore Yachtmaster DiplomaSEK 625
Coastal Yachtmaster DiplomaSEK 625
Boat mechanic certificateSEK 500
Maneuvering certificate for high-speed boatSEK 500
Radar certificateSEK 500
Sea skipper's certificateSEK 500
Channel certificateSEK 500

The examination fee is paid at the time of the examination.

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