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Combined Course | nshore Yachtmaster Diploma (Förarintyg) and Coastal Yachtmaster Diploma (Kustskepparintyg)

Course fee: SEK 4,600 Both the Inshore Yachtmaster Diploma (Förarintyg) Course and the Coastal Yachtmaster Diploma (Kustskepparintyg) Course include boat practice. (If you do not want to participate in day sessions, SEK 600 is deducted from the course fee. The same applies to the Practical Boat Training Diploma - Darkness. See information on the respective courses Inshore Yachtmaster Diploma (Förarintyg) and Coastal Yachtmaster Diploma (Kustskepparintyg).

Private Course

A combination course can be booked as a private course for 1 person as well as groups of at least 5 people. The courses are given as a 2-day course (during the day or in the evenings according to separate agreement. The courses are held on ABC's premises or on your own premises. Requests for a quotation.

Distance Course

Theory and practice at a distance + boat practice in a boat (Boat practice day). The course contains lectures and guided exercises via the distance systems Teams and Zoom. Request information about the date the course runs remotely.

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